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"The professional voice-over is the guiding line and support for direct communication thanks to its colour, its reassuring and clear intonation. The voice transports the listener to the heart of the image or the imagination in which the author wants to take him or her. The listener is plunged directly into the centre of the message and the vision that its creator wants to make known and felt."

English Voice Over – Official Trailer – Blast Of Arena 2020

→ Sound equipment & delivery


My studio consists of a Neumann microphone, "Class A" preamp, a neutral acoustics and professional recorder.

I will give you a voice-over ready to mix, a "dry" (unprocessed) recording.

You also have the possibility to monitor the recording in situ via Skype, so that you can direct me.

The files are sent via WeTransfer (fibre-optic internet connection). The shipment can be made within 24 hours (express delivery possible within 6 hours, under conditions).

« Studio Acoustik is a great voice consumer! Jessie is now part of our casting file! She is our discovery of this beginning of the year 2020, versatile voice, good diction and strength of proposal, what more could you ask for! "
Thierry Thopart

Director, Studio Acoustik

Jessie est une prestataire de confiance, elle apporte avec sa voix une autre dimension aux projets vidéos, motion ou module de formation. Elle donne le ton selon le contexte. Adaptative, réactive toujours dans le tempo. Je recommande !

Gaëtan Lamotte

Illustrateur Motion Designer VR Freelance, Nutz

"Jessie is a very professional and trustworthy actress, always ready to listen and able to adapt perfectly to your request. Always a pleasure to work with her! "

Emeric Juliot

Director, Azur Films

"Motivated, dynamic and a good listener, Jessie is able to adapt to all requests with passion and precision. She immediately knew how to take on the reassuring and warm voice we were looking for for the Crooner Radio dressing...".

Yves Labar

Director, Crooner Radio

"Jessie is a smart, efficient and fair-minded actress. For Brodkast, she has all the skills required. "

Olivier Kast

Director, Brodkast